Yard Decluttering Time Has Arrived

Yahoo and hallelujah, spring has finally arrived in Maine!  I’m looking forward to sunny days and warmer nights, and the return of greenery to my little corner of the world.  However, the rapidly dwindling snowpack has a downside: it reveals everything that has accumulated (largely out of sight under snow) over the past winter.

So, my first spring yard decluttering project will be basic clean-up of debris, some of it of my own cause and some not.  For example, it’s a bit annoying how much trash has found its way to my yard from people just tossing it out of their cars.  I’ll be lugging a trash bag around picking up cans, wrappers, and whatnot regardless of origin.

Another yard decluttering project will be a simple raking of the lawns.  This is particularly needed under a weeping willow out front.  Man, I think that tree must have shed at least a pickup truck load of twigs and branches.

After the yard is cleaned up, it will be time to inspect the house for any paint or wooden siding damage.  And this year, the house will need a repaint, which is par for the course for a 100-plus year old house up here.  It’s tedious but not terribly difficult.

Then I’ll sit back and watch the flowers bloom!

Spring has sprung!