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A Plethora of Socks and Tees

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old aphorism “nature abhors a vacuum”.  I think nature also abhors a decluttered lifestyle.  I was taking stock of my clothing in preparation for a spring purge a couple days ago.  I found that I’ve somehow accumulated a lot of socks and t-shirts over the past year.

I tend to go through a couple pairs of socks in a day, one pair for daily use and one for my workouts and/or cycling.  I’ve got 18 pairs each of black daily wear socks and about 24 pairs of white exercise socks, plus two pair of tan socks (how did those get in there?).  I have a similar deal with t-shirts.  I go through at least one a day with my exercising, and I have more than I can shake a stick at.

It’s time to thin those herds.  Obviously, I’m not going to donate used socks but I can reduce the overall number by recycling and reusing the oldest and thinnest of them as cleaning rags and so forth.  My goal is 12 pair each black and white, which should be enough to get through a week, plus a buffer.  I’ll hold on to the tan ones, just in case.

I’m going to reduce my t-shirt collection to my favorites, plus one that was a gift a friend picked up for me in Thailand.  This in good shape will be donated.  The rest will be re-purposed.   This already feels liberating, and it’s just socks and t-shirts!

How many socks are too many socks?