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Intentional Living Thoughts

Living an intentional life draws from many elements.  Simplicity, thoughtfulness, and self-awareness come immediately to mind.  As I continue to seek to live a more intentional life, I find that I am almost always on the upward slope of a learning curve.  Certainly, I’ve had my share of setbacks.  We all do.   It’s not an easy and natural condition for most of us, this intentional living.

I am reminded of a scene from The Empire Strikes Back, in which Yoda describes Luke’s lack of focus.  “This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was.  What he was doing.”   Focus is a major aspect of intentional living.

It is a good thing, to plan for the future and to be prepared.  The inverse is, it isn’t good to ignore the present in favor of the future.  If you are going through a tough time seek support and help if needed, and persevere, rather than ignoring the issue and hoping tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow can be a better day for any of us, but in my opinion it takes an intentional effort on our parts for this to come to fruition.

I enjoy listening to and reading from John C. Maxwell’s works.  I’ll close with a quote from him: “Intentional living always has an idea. Unintentional living always has an excuse.”  I urge you to have ideas, not excuses.

Mindfulness is integral to intentional living.

2015 Is Winding Down

Here it is, my last post of the year. Often, as New Year’s Eve approaches, we tend to look back on the year that is winding down with a certain sense of melancholy. Like anyone else, I had some high points and some low points in 2015. But I am not melancholy.

I choose to look at the low points not as failures, but as opportunities to learn. Much like Thomas Edison, I have learned how not to do some things, the specifics of which are not relevant to this discussion. Suffice to say, I learned and I’m moving forward.

I also had some success in 2015. There were a few things I did or experienced that brought me deep satisfaction. For the most part, I was in an overall good mood this past year. I definitely put that in the “plus” column.

An integral aspect of seeking simplification in my life is developing the ability to deal with the ups and downs of my life without becoming either obsessed or depressed. Mostly, I think I have made some significant progress on that front just by becoming less hung up on possessions and practicing mindfulness as much as I can. I hope that you too can make progress in simplifying your life in 2016.  May the coming year be a blessed one for you!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice plain speaking, which is not curt or rude but avoids gossip and duplicity. Practice timeliness and avoid procrastination.

Practice contentment instead of envy. Practice thoughtful eating. Practice intentional living.

Practice gratitude. Practice calmness. Practice kindness. Practice generosity especially with kids and pets.