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Time and Excuses

People have many excuses for maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, but few have a compelling reason.  The excuse that gets under my skin is “I don’t have the time to exercise and eat right.”  Really?  That’s like saying “I don’t have the time to take an active interest in my health and take steps to avoid dying early.”  Here’s a fun fact:  we all have 24 hours given to us each day, each and every one of us!  How we spend them is largely a choice, not a sentence, in my opinion.

I work at a full time job during the week, so I have gotten into the habit of doing my daily workouts in the evening.  My workouts last from 60 to 90 minutes, depending up which program I’m using at any given time.  So, what have I given up to free up that time each evening?  Simple: reruns on TV that generally weren’t all that good the first (second, third, etc.) time around.  This is not exactly a sacrifice in my mind.  If you find an hour is too much, there are plenty of half hour workouts, and Beachbody even offers 10 Minute Trainer.    My underlying point is, you have to make a commitment if you want to succeed.

When it comes to eating healthy, the best time saver I have found is to make several different main dishes on Sunday afternoon, like stir fry or pasta, and freeze individual servings.  It takes only a few minutes to pop something into the microwave oven when I get home from work.  I also buy individual serving size fish and meat portions at the supermarket, which work nicely in my Foreman grille.  Add a simple salad (made ahead of time of course) or microwave some frozen vegetables and you have a decent meal in very little time.

There is little hard evidence  that exercising and eating right add to the length of one’s life, because it’s impossible to measure this metric without having a death date to compare it to.  That said, there is little doubt that regular exercise and proper nutrition improve your overall health and make the days you have better.  It seems reasonable to me that if you are healthy, you generally feel better too.  So I don’t mind investing a bit of time to get myself a seat on the happy train!  How are you going to invest your next 24 hours?

A young lady juggling four clocks.

Some days it sure feels like this!