Spring Is Coming, My Stuff is Going!

Yesterday was a great spring day, just a couple weeks early.  There’s less snow on the ground each day lately, and no appreciable accumulation in the next few weeks.   The imminent return of spring has me thinking of spring cleaning.  Or more accurately, cleaning out.

It’s once again time for a possessions purge!  I have purchased three very inexpensive plastic storage bins from a nearby dollar store.  Each is going to be designated for a specific category: keep, donate, and dispose.  I’m going to go into each room in the house and sort the things in them into these three bins.  If I need to fill a bin more than once, I will bag up the contents and start over.  Stuff to donate will go straight to the back of my truck for transport.  Stuff to dispose of will go out to a shed pending trash pickup (or recycling if appropriate).  Stuff to keep will be put away immediately after the sorting is done.  Then, on to the next room.

The trick to successfully using this three-bin method is that nothing in a room is exempt.  If there is a secret to keeping stuff out of the house in the first place, I apparently have not found it!  I have minimized my purchases these past few years, but stuff still seems to accumulate.  Perhaps it’s a variation on the old adage that nature abhors a vacuum.  With all that said, I will implement a 72 hour purchase cooling-off period for purchase of non-essentials and see how that goes.

Now, it should go without saying that the foregoing does not apply to bikes, since the appropriate number of bikes is (N + 1) where N = the number owned at any time.  🙂

Useful or beautiful, or gone.

Useful or beautiful, or gone!