All About Me.

Well, not “all”, after all there some things one keeps to oneself, but here are the salient points, in no particular order.

  • I’m 53 years old, born and lived all my life in Maine.  It’s a pretty state, but I’d rather spend my winters in Key West.
  • I have begun pursuing a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle.  It’s actually quite liberating!
  • I’ve tinkered off and on with poetry.  It’s kind of fun trying to tell a story on just one page.
  • I’m a big fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, Dr. Who (old and new series) and The Walking Dead.  Yes, I’m a nerd, and rather proud of it.
  • I live with 3 cats, all of whom are shelter rescues. Honestly, sometimes I’m unsure who is in charge, me or them.
  • I’m a born again Christian, on December 17, 2001 in fact. But who’s counting?
    Jim Jacobsen